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5 Signs That You Are The Biggest Block To Your Company’s Success – And How To Tackle Them


If you own a moderately sized business then you’ll know how the early passion can be quickly tempered by the daily routine of problem solving and driving the business forward. There are many obstacles in the way for you to overcome but how do you know when you have become one of them?

It is quite easy for a business owner to work passionately in the business and miss the tipping point of when they need to step back and work on the business. I have worked with numerous organisations and found 5 signs that you have hit, or passed, that tipping point, as follows:

  1. Working long hours. You are working every hour possible in the business just to get the basics done let alone finding time to do anything else.
  2. Constant surprises. You are constantly being hit with new problems which could have been easily solved if you’d known about them earlier. You are also missing out on potential opportunities that you don’t spot until it is too late.
  3. Lack of support. You have a group of people working for you but you can’t really trust anyone else to get things done the way you’d like them done.
  4. Conflict. What time you do have available seems to be spent having arguments both at work and home. No one understands you, the position you are in and how personal it all is. Perhaps you have even hit the point where you are starting to lose some of your best/key people.
  5. Lack of clear path. Everything is getting on top of you and you can’t see a way out of the present situation and how to move things forward.

If one or two of the above apply to you then this is a warning sign and needs to be taken seriously before things get worse. If more than 2 of the above apply to you then you need to do something about it right now! So, what can you do? Here are some immediate actions that can make all the difference.

  1. Take immediate action now to create thinking space. Prioritise you work and do what you should be doing and delegate the rest to your team.
  2. Refresh your personal and company goals and objectives to check that you are still heading in the direction you thought you were.
  3. Get support. Invest in building an effective support team around you to help to develop and get better ideas.

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