Secret Skills is a personal development company devoted to
uncovering your hidden capabilities to make the most of you

Secret Skills

How is it that some people, teams or organisations have the ability to out-perform others? What are the Secret Skills that they use to enable them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment?

Hello, my name is Simon Savage and I have formed Secret Skills to bring together the skills necessary for individuals, teams and organisations to be effective in today’s complex world. The concept for this company started with my own personal development experience. During my career I found that the skills required to be effective and successful are spread over a wide range of disparate subjects.

My goal is to distil the key information from as wide a range of subjects as possible (as illustrated above) to construct a unified management practice. I emphasise practice, as opposed to theory, due to my focus on practical techniques that work.

During my experience, academic study and research I have also found that there are many links between these different topics that can also be exploited to create even more powerful outcomes.

The purpose of Secret Skills is, therefore, to use a unified management practice to provide a range of services designed specifically to move you, your team or your organisation to the next level.

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