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Just take a moment to imagine what would it be like to increase your control over stressful situations and to improve your overall resilience to such times.

Would that be a good thing?

HeartMath® is a system of easy-to-use, practical, methods that have been developed, based on neuroscience research, to enable you to combat stress and improve your resilience.
The tools work by enabling you to consciously calm your heart and use that to control your head. Once your control has been regained then you have the ability to choose the most effective response to bring the wider situation into control too.

The HeartMath® system is also supported by a bio-feedback technology known as emWave. The use of this technology helps in the learning phase to show you that what you are doing and feeling is real and having an effect. The emWave technology also helps to ensure that you are performing the exercises in the best way.

It takes minutes to learn the basic techniques. The emWave technology helps you to master the techniques but once you have instilled the skills correctly then you can use them at any time to relieve stress quickly without the need to be “plugged in”.

Secret Skills is licenced to use the HeartMath® system and emWave technology for stress relief and resilience improvement. I use this in both training and coaching to help you regain control and achieve better outcomes.

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