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Complexity, ambiguity and the need for speedy decision making are fast becoming key characteristics of today’s business environment. In this context, the leaders of large organisations, such as international pharmaceutical companies, have realised that data driven decisions have their limitations. There is never enough data to give a complete answer and yet action is required now!

So how do leaders operate in such circumstances? They are relying more and more on their intuition.

Leadership experts David Dotlich, Peter Cairo, and Stephen Rhinesmith—who coach CEOs and executive teams in companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Lloyds Bank, Novartis and Walmart—found that employees want leaders who are authentic, inspire trust, and set high standards. These “whole leaders” must balance people and business needs, motivate people from diverse backgrounds, and create real trust through unyielding integrity and transparently balancing risk and reward.

David Dotlich, and his team, also found that traditional leadership development focuses too much on one dimensional, head based, leadership which fails to achieve results in an era defined by paradox, ambiguity, and unpredictability. To be a “whole leader” requires people to use their head, heart and guts together for better intuition and more effective decisions.

The findings of David Dotlich, and his team have been given scientific backing by research from Marvin Oka and Grant Sooslu. Grant and Marvin have synthesized research across the fields of neuroscience, NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavioural Modelling into an integrated approach they call mBraining.

From the mBraining analysis, a suite of practical tools and techniques known as the multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) has been developed. The mBIT tools are a blend of NLP and HeartMath practices, supplemented with some new methods, to enable you to harness the power of your head, heart and gut brains for more effective decision making.

In addition to providing mBIT training, Secret Skills also makes use of mBIT tools for professional coaching. Use of mBIT tools in coaching is helping clients to achieve amazing results.



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