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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) been variously described as:

  • A user guide for the brain.
  • Technology of the mind.
  • The science of achievement.

At school you were taught wonderful subjects such as history, geography and maths. Other things such as how to feel good or how to communicate effectively are often very much left to chance. Some people pick it up quickly whilst others struggle. In today’s business world, where there is a reliance on exceptional communication skills and the ability to flex and change continually, the struggle to achieve becomes even harder.

This is where NLP comes in. NLP is based upon the search for and the study of the factors which account for either success or failure in human performance. It has a particular focus in the arena of communications. Through effective communications we can learn and install strategies for everything else.

NLP helps everyone to hit a higher level of ability. It is a practical way of understanding how to improve and what action to take. It helps you gain the self-knowledge to take your leadership and decision making to the next level.

At Secret Skills, NLP concepts and techniques are used across the whole range of services on offer. It is used:

  • As a valuable aid to effective coaching.
  • To organise and deliver training workshops and presentations.
  • As a change management philosophy in consulting.



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