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Are you overwhelmed by the increasing array of different profiling instruments in the world of business today?

The start of this trend was Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). MBTI has since been joined by FIRO-B, Enneagram, Hogan and a wide range of others.

So, what is different about the Strengths Deployment Inventory® (SDI) and why should you be interested?

SDI is different because it has been developed FOR people rather than to be ABOUT people.

It is based upon Elias Porter’s Relationship Awareness Theory and, as a result, the whole focus is on being a practical tool to help you to improve your relationships. An obvious use for this is in a team situation but it also works for you as an individual too.

A simple, 20 question, survey helps you to understand:

  • What motivates you when things are going well.
  • How your motivation changes when things are not going well.
  • The stages that you pass through when going into conflict.

This knowledge promotes both awareness and understanding of yourself and others. The key aim is to improve the interactions between people for better results and more effective communications.

At Secret Skills, the SDI survey is used to start the conversation with a new coaching client. It is also used in the broader team development and consulting settings as a way of helping teams to start to understand the different needs, motivations and preferences of each member.

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