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Living with presence


How engaged are you with the world immediately around you? What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? How do you FEEL?

All around me I see people engaging with their environment through the filter of a mobile phone, tablet or camera lens. Yes it is good to have a reminder of your experiences but I feel that we are, perhaps, starting to lose the balance.

The point is that we often crave reminders in order to recreate the feelings triggered by the memory. If we are too focused on capturing the event, as opposed to actually enjoying it, then what is there to remember? The event has passed before we get the chance to really live it.

In this, supposedly, connected world we appear to be becoming increasingly disconnected from the real world immediately around us.

Fully immersing yourself in an experience will create powerful feelings. Things such as songs, tastes and smells are then really good at triggering those emotions. It is amazing how many mediocre songs have hit the top of the charts in the autumn simply because people buy them to recall what a great time they were having when they first heard them on holiday.

Getting back into the habit of living in the first person also has other far reaching benefits. Stopping what you are doing, and giving your full attention to the person talking to you, will create a rapport with them. Creating rapport with the people you interact with, even for the shortest period, will improve the quality of your relationship, and outcomes, with them.

A lot of our interactions these days are merely “surface connections”, for example internet shopping, so being really present with the people who you speak to is truly appreciated. Why not give it a go? If you are at your computer and a colleague comes to talk to you, look up, turn and face them and give them your full attention and watch their response.

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