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Most organisations see coaching as an effective way of developing managers and directors for enhanced performance.

Are you seeking to:

  • Unlock new possibilities, greater flexibility, more choice of actions?
  • Develop your leadership skills?
  • Improve your self-awareness and understand others better?
  • Enhance your effectiveness within your team?
  • Build confidence in tackling difficult issues?
  • Operate at your highest level of performance?
  • Improve your resilience and ability to handle stress?

Answering ‘Yes’ to any one of the above means that you could benefit from coaching.

Coaching is an efficient and effective way to achieve the development that you seek. The focus it provides gives you:

  • A structured and dedicated space to reflect.
  • The time and support to consciously design, implement and embed new thinking and working patterns.
  • Someone to support your focus and analysis of specific workplace issues, to help you gain new insights and identify new choices, challenge and guide your thinking to identify clear actions to resolve current issues.
  • A point of accountability to ensure that your development is sustained and pushed even further.

The Secret Skills coaching approach is illustrated below:

  • Chemistry Check. A complimentary, no obligation, initial discussion to explore your needs and objectives.
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI®). An online survey to start to understand your key motivators and preferred behaviours.
  • Foundation session. A 90 minute feedback session that includes defining specific coaching objectives & goals.
  • Core coaching sessions. A number of 45 minute sessions (depending on your chosen package, see below) working towards your agreed outcomes.
  • Ongoing sessions. After completion of the initial coaching cycle ongoing support can be arranged.
  • Location. To minimise disruption to you and to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching, the sessions are typically undertaken by phone or Skype.

The approach has been bundled into the standard packages shown in the table below.

Condensed Standard Intensive
Frequency 2 sessions per month 3 sessions per month 4 sessions per month
Duration 45 minutes per session 45 minutes per session 45 minutes per session
Price per month
(ex VAT)
£310 £460 £555

All arrangements are flexible, however, and can be adapted to suit specific needs, on request.

To find out more please Contact me or Download the New Secret Skills Coaching leaflet here.

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