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Organisations are a complex web of people, systems, politics, problems, behaviours, measures, targets and whole host of other things. Getting everything to work together in a clear and smooth way to create the best output is often a big issue. So, how well is your organisation set up to support effective work?

  • How many missed deadlines have you had? Or long nights spent working to hit deadlines?
  • How easy is it for everyone to see progress of your projects/work?
  • How much rework takes place?
  • How much positive communication takes place between teams and departments?
  • How much conflict and stress is there?

Training and coaching people to be better communicators and more resilient to stress is good but can be quickly undone if the systems of work only serve to frustrate and confuse. For improved collaboration and performance both people and their workplace have to develop together.

I can help you to cut through the fog of daily routine to provide clarity and understanding of how to improve your systems and processes to focus effort and release latent performance. I help you to develop the solutions that work best for you. I then support you to implement and refine the improvements.

A key aspect of my approach is to train and mentor your staff as an integrated part of the improvement process. This enables them to both sustain the progress already achieve and to also continually adapt and improve in the future without the need for further support.

To find out more please contact me.

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